House of Prayer + Community

We believe that both the EXPRESSION OF THE HOUSE OF PRAYER and AUTHENTIC, BIBLICAL COMMUNITY go hand in hand in carrying out the enduring vision of loving God wholly and fulfilling what the church is at its core and essence.

Our Distinctives


  • Daniel, Joseph both were influential men in the marketplace and yet were powerfully used by God. We believe that the house of prayer is not for the “specialists”, but that it is possible to pursue God in your marketplace assignment and have no compromise in your life pursuit of God. Our region is full of men and women who have important and influential assignments and yet burn for God
  • Marketplace assignments are a reality for the vast majority of the body of Christ, and they are no less spiritual a vocation than full-time ministry
  • Businessmen and political leaders that are fully given to God are sorely needed in our city/region/nation/world. God is not giving up on anything on the earth, He is coming to rule and reign.


  • We strongly believe in family - not only for our spiritual community, but also the literal family - fathers, mothers, children, siblings, cousins, etc.  The family is an institution that precedes the church in the creative order.
  • Malachi 4:5,6 is a key verse - we are charged with turning the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers, and He is giving us the spirit of Elijah for that purpose.
  • Family and children are neither a nuisance nor hindrance to ministry, and instead of an adversarial role, families and children will be sown into and integrated into our pursuit of God.