NOVAHOP is primarily run by dozens of marketplace-based staff.  Our marketplace-based staff are part-time staff who carry a vision for their workplace while building the house of prayer. We are also privileged to have full-time staff that have made NOVAHOP their home away from home.  They pour out tirelessly and help keep the fire burning throughout the week.  Through gifts, NOVAHOP is able to provide small stipends to some full-time staff as needed. Our full-time staff commit to raise their own financial support through raising up partners. 

Get to know them and consider partnering with them!


Peter Choi

Like oil upon your feet
Like wine for you to drink
Like water from my heart
I pour my love on you

Peter is our first full-time staff, and first commissioned missionary from within the NOVAHOP community.  He spends 45-60 hours in the prayer room and supervises the other staff and internships. We love that he and his family commit to living the life of forerunners and to standing for healing and restoration in the body of Christ.